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Thank you for your interest in investing with Capital Active. We act like a venture capital company with the difference being that our principles are also the primary investors. We are a group of business managers who invest in small businesses and real estate.

Are you tired of investing in the stock market where you have little control and lackluster or negative returns? Are you tired of just socking your money away in a CD, just to have it hardly grow at all. Are you ready to do something different, something exciting. If so then Capital Active may be the place that you want to invest in.

We are looking for qualified investors who want to be part of the action. You will decide what to invest in, and how active you would like to be. You can invest in just one property, or just one business or you can invest in a broad range of things. We will look at your investment objectives and help you decide what is right for you. At this time we are very bullish on real estate and are putting most investors in to that. For $100,000 you can control over $500,000 in real estate and make as much as 3-4% on your money per month.

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