Our Mission

Our mission at Capital Active is much deeper than to make a ton of money, we also want to give back and help the world.

We believe that not only should money be invested to grow and to make more money, but we believe that we have an obligation to make the world a better place. For this reason Capital Active donates at least 10% of our profits to charity. We also try to invest in things that help people out. We create affordable rental housing for people who were in need. We let charities sell our computer products and get a cut of the profits as a fundraiser. We build websites and donate server space to many different groups. It is all about our mindset that making money and helping others go hand in hand. We look for and create win-win solutions wherever we go. When you act with this in mind the results are usually better than you ever expected.

If this sounds like your idea of investing, then hop over to our investing page. We would be proud to work with you.

Jason Dragon
CEO Capital Active Inc.