Our other Ventures

We have our hands in many different areas in order to keep our Capital Active. This page will list everything that we do with links to much more information. Real Estate Investing - We wholesale homes, we find awesome deals on real estate and bring these deals to buyers and investors.

Emerald Computers - This is our bigest and oldest company. Emerald does many different things, it is a computer consulting company helping businesses use computer technology better. It is a computer manufacture, building a full line of desktop system with a record of building thousands of quality computer systems. It is a hardware reseller, selling over 1000 different items. It is a webdesign company, with two workers in Asia building websites for many different US firms.

Emerald Computers peaked in 2005 with over a million in sales that year.

Westwood Advertising - A marketing consulting company, helping companies expand their print advertising.

Sea Mosaics and Tile - A natural stone tile import business, with over 250k of tile in inventory.

eFusion Distribution - We also promote and sell energy drinks.

Loan Modification - We have a healthy business of helping struggling home owners modify their mortgages to have better terms.

We are always looking for great ideas to invest in so keep watching this page for changes.

Jason Dragon
CEO Capital Active Inc.