Do you need a turnkey solution to real estate investing?

If you are like most investors you are looking for a turnkey solution to maximize the money you make investing in real estate while not taking up too much time. Real Estate is a complex investment, there are many different aspects to it, and most investors just want to invest and have all the details worked out for them. What we do is to break down the numbers, give you a projection of what you will make, you pull the trigger, and we help make it all happen. Most investors who don't have this sort of help end up investing much less than they would like to, or even worse they never invest at all.

Now is the time to invest. Prices are at or very close to the bottom, there is very little downside risk and huge upside potential. We can help

We are here to help you every step of the way. First we find wholesale properties for you to invest in. We usually have over 100 wholesale houses for you to pick from at any time, and these houses are great deals, much better deals than you would find on the MLS. And NONE of these are bank owned, they are owned by us or by our investors, this allows you to take quick action and get a quick close. Next we help you finance these houses, the less money you put down the more you will have left to do additional deals. We even have a system where a qualified investor can invest in unlimited houses and at the end of the system have all of their cash back.

After you have the house, we help you get the house ready by using our network of qualified contractors. We help you avoid common mistakes that most investors do so that you never spend more than you need to on these houses. We just get the house ready to rent out or to flip. We only have you invest in repairing the parts that will get you a good return.

We then help you find a tenant for this house so that it can cash flow. The houses we help you buy are so far below fair market value that they always cash flow right away.

We usually look for investors who have a minimum of $50k to work with, from that amount you can actually own, and make money from, many houses. And when the market pulls up your investment will have multiplied many times over.

If you are excited to find out more, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. We will find out where you are now in your investment, and where you want to go, and we will help form a plan to get you there. There is nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by filling this form out.

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